Workflow management solution

Manage and configure in house – that makes the VC4 solution unique


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Keep track of all the tasks within your organization with workflow management solution integrated with your IMS.

  • Create and adapt workflows by yourself

  • Easy integration with your current systems, full set of API’s available (Rest and SOAP/XML)

  • Serial and parallel tasks

  • Automated tasks

  • Trouble ticket management integrated

  • Can be used with and without the integrated inventory module

Manage and configure the workflow processes in house

The telecom world rapidly moves forward.
Don’t wait for others to adapt your workflow processes. Create your own workflows for orders and trouble tickets.

With VC4 workflow management software, users with appropriate permissions can create and adapt processes:

  • define tasks

  • relate tasks to department queues

  • relate tasks (make the workflow)

  • assign (existing and customized) fields per task

  • automate tasks, where appropriate

Workflow management has never been so easy

Get full control with easy adaptive workflows. New call-to-action or call New call-to-action

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Manage your work order and workflow process and trouble ticketing. Create structured flows for:

  • Service delivery

  • Network build

  • Planned works

  • Fault handling (trouble tickets)

  • Any other process within your company


The order & trouble ticket module has several functionalities which makes our IMS workflow extremely powerful:

  • Flexible process creation and adjustment

  • Order and trouble ticket queues

  • Main and sub tasks

  • Serial and parallel work streams

  • Decision points and loopbacks

  • Automatic tasks

  • Ability to accept or reject tasks

  • Automatic order and trouble ticket lead time management

  • Powerful report functionality

  • Direct relations to network items in your inventory, such as equipment, connections, services, locations, etc.

Use the workflow solution to automate tasks

Improve your business processes. Eliminate uncertainties. Get tasks done in a structured way from A to Z. Get direct insight into status and continuation of the proceedings. With this workflow solution, you can automatically:

  • create circuitname(s)

  • relate circuit to port(s) on equipment

  • design service through network

  • create sub interface on IP/MPLS router/switch

  • relate IP addresses to equipment and ports

  • add card in equipment

  • provisioning of network services in your network

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