Network Equipment and Card Information

With our Network Equipment functionality telecom providers can store equipment (network elements) with related information in the IMS software application.

1. General info

The following general equipment information can be stored:

  • Node name
  • Status
  • Type of equipment
  • Location where equipment has been installed
  • Loopback addresses
  • Management System
  • Order details
  • Hardware/Software versions
  • Serial numbers
  • UPS info
  • General comments
  • Barcode
  • Customized fields can be created per type and used in node form.

2. Slots and Card and card codes

A graphical representation is given for each piece of equipment in the network.


IMS Node (equipment) form

Cards will be visible in the slots. From the screen the cards can be opened to see more card details like:

  • Card name
  • Card code (if applicable)
  • Serial number
  • Status
  • Software release
  • Extra details
  • Order details
  • Barcode

Each card type can have one or multiple card codes related.

  • Cisco card name “PA-4E1G/120”, card code “73-2250-04”
  • Ciena card name “CN-M6-FLEX” card code “B-966-0013-011”
  • Nortel card name “8 X OC-3/12/STM-1/4 VT1.5/LO SFP”, card code “NTK513DA”

3. Ports with related information

All ports related to the cards will be shown in the equipment form, with the following data.

  • Port name
  • Card interface
  • IP address
  • DDF/ODF position connected to port (pre-wiring)
  • Name of the connection that is connected to port
  • Port status
  • Port type
  • Port speed
  • Comment field
  • Platform
  • Reservation info

4. Card per slot

Business rules have been implemented to allow only certain cards in a specific slot. Users with the appropriate user permissions can add and change these business rules on “cards-per-slot”.
Also a card that occupies multiple slots can be handled.

5. Card in Card

IMS supports the “card in card” model, where a carrier card has one or more sub-cards inserted. The carrier card will have sub-slots (graphical visual on the screen). Sub-cards in sub-cards are supported as well.


Card in card

6. Node Template

In many occasions a configuration of a node (cards in the equipment) will be similar to previous configurations. When creating a new piece of equipment IMS users have the ability to choose a template with cards already inserted in the correct slots.

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