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About us

We at VC4 are telecommunications specialists working in the IT industry. We are able to translate the wide-ranging requirements of our customers into our user-friendly and powerful software application – the Inventory & Management System (IMS).

Primarily, our customers are next-generation communications providers, so we make sure we work directly with both their management and users to ensure we meet each of their requirements.

Our services

The highly-experienced VC4 team is always on hand to help our customers with any questions they may have about our IMS product or other services.

We offer consultation services from which you can benefit from our expertise in the telecommunications industry regarding data migration, data cleansing and the implementation of new networks and other business solutions.

In addition, we provide specialist training sessions to make sure our clients experience the maximum possible benefit from IMS.

Overall, we are dedicated to maintaining the satisfaction of our customers, which is an aspect of the job that we feel extremely passionate about.

Our services

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Mike Dorland
Co-Founder and CEO

Gerard van der Linden Vooren
Co-Founder and Product Architect

Peter van Hartingsveld
Business Development Manager

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